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so I’m on the bus going to work. So on the bus, you can go away with the fairies and imagine a story. Not a currently-being-written story, because it's awfully frustrating when you go down an idea you really want to record but you don't have a notebook. So I make up stories on the spot, indulgent, fun, fluffy, fics, an’ watch.

Presumably, I must look a little goaßgschau.

So Little toddler Merlin bumps into a Companion (a Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar Companion). And he’s like, Ooooh Horsie. The Companion, we’ll call him Dav, is indulging cute little Merlin, letting him stroke his nose. And then Merlin *looks* (because he’s Merlin), and goes Not-Horsie, which catches the Companion’s attention.

Merlin’s *looking* at Dav, the Not-horsie made of many people. There’s a string of people shapes like cut out silhouettes stacked up behind each other – if you get what I mean. They’re glowing.

No, goes Dav, not many people.

Merlin can’t encapsulate it, he’s three but they’re silhouettes from the same light. One silhouette at the fore – Dav. The same light different forms.

Like water, Merlin thinks. Water in the lake. Water falling from the sky. Water evaporating into the air. It’s all water. Letting Dav see how his magic touches the cycle of rain as it changes.

Dav goes “*&^%$% &^)( ^%”£~@ I need to talk to your, mam. Gaius!!!!!” Gaius is his herald. The King’s Own Herald for King Uther Pendragon, who is a bit of a bastard, because he is, but not an intolerantly hateful way as in the TV series, because he’s a herald. He’s not the best Herald in the world, but he has a really punitive firestarting gift, which is useful (at times), but zero telepathy and can’t talk to his long suffering companion. Luckily, he’s also got Gaius as his conscience.

Gaius is visiting his sister Hunith and nephew Merlin. And he’s like *&^^& MAGE GIFT? NO ()*@~#6&%<>

Dav’s going No seriously, I’m really surprised that he hasn’t warped reality since as far as he is concerned anything is possible, ‘cos he’s three.

“Shit,” goes Gaius, “because this is really serious, we have to talk him to Haven, and get him under the shields of a Herald Mage.” The only people who can possibly foster a powerful mage child such as Merlin are Reincarnated Vanyel Ashkevron and Stefen. I possibly cackled inwardly when this popped up.

So, Yes! Merlin’s going to Haven. Where there is, of course, a bullying, micromanaging Prince Arthur, who is unlikely to become a Herald because he’s a bullying, micromanaging tool. Unless he changes….

Then my bus stop came up.

The end.

Heh hehe
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