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significantly better!

okay, the bomb...?

I've no idea what Danny's playing with Charlie?

plot is H50 - it finished three seconds ago, and I'm like what did I just watch *ponders* Oh, yes, knife/evidence.

We did get a Book 'em, Danno \o/

But awwwwwwwwwww Jerry helping Max express his love for his 'Ohana. Steve the big brother. Danny the role model and wanting to stay in touch. Chin understanding 'ohana to the depths of his being (makes 'Uhane series note). Kono helping him with his wife. Grover's smile.

as an aside: so clearly, an outcome of Steve's transplant is now he likes Malasadas 0_o, just like Danny.

Also: "Dance with me tonight" -- did I hear that right?
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so I just watched last friday's H50 ep I don't know why, but I was I curiously reluctant to watch it the last few days. I didn't know of any spoilers. I just couldn't.

That was simply the most random and uneven piece of telly I've watched in a long time. At the start I was thinking, have I missed the first 20 mins? Then the music plays, so no I didn't have a blackout.

I did cheer when Chin’s niece was given into to his custody. Unexpected – logical given the risk to the poor kid, but unexpected given the writers' issues with continuity. And then they're back in Honolulu. Danny's buggered off with Amberlissa (eh? When was the last time we saw her?). Whoops, humour; Jerry's homeless (not that funny). Random Max leaving clues. Humour/car sales. heroin. OMG – that poor policeman. DIRTY NUCLEAR BOMB???? Why? Motive? Reasons? Catch the bad guy -- well, not quite. Hmmm, right Max wants to continue working with Médecins Sans Frontières (I approve). Steve (AoL) is deliciously serious. WHOOPS tone change. The Dirty bomb isn't the case. I look at the clock timer cos, what they're going to figure out where the bomb is in 3 seconds….?



I mean genuinely - What the Fuck?

I need a glass of wine.


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