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I did indeed rather enjoy this film. Intelligent plot, folk working together positively. Me and my mate coming out summed it up as Nice -- nice as in it was positive and brilliant.

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Okay, I betaed the last draft of this lovely fic – so I’m a wee biased, but I’m also capable of being objective….

It's a Hawaii 50 slash fic (Steve and Danny) x/o with Highlander, guest starring our favourite team from Stargate: Atlantis.

If you thought Highlander -- wft? Don’t be worried, whilst I have an unholy fondness for Methos -- I do not have a Highlander fanon computer in my head -- and I found this story accessible, and conceptually fascinating.

It’s a good chunky fic, well characterised, flawlessly plotted and a bloody good read.


Dreamwitch: [part one]

Dreamwitch: [part two]
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when I was little (I was weaned on Dr.Who) I discovered The Professionals.

suffice to say most fannish folk will *know* of the Professionals. There's two blokes + they work together = all the fandom/fanfic elements are present. There's a lot of elf!Doyle fic out there as well... and a curious preponderance of AUs.

I have an old, ropey version VHS version of this vid, which I have always considered to be one of the funniest -- if not the funniest -- vid I've ever seen. You don't to be a Pros fan to enjoy this, but it probably helps to like slash.

ETA: my most favourite Pros fic of all time (B/D)

Harlequin Airs by Ellis Ward (Illustrated by Suzan Lovett)
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Okay…. Rec time.

East of The Sun, West of The Moon by [ profile] dossier

Where to start? I’ve been thinking about this story for a couple of days, trying to write an LOC. Which is an immediate recommendation. East of The Sun, West of The Moon isn’t a hit of sugary coke, a biscuit or a tasty chunk of Cadbury’s chocolate – this is a glass of Amarone della Valpolicella Classico served with Goat Cheese and Borretani Onion medaglioni finished with Lemon Sorbet.

The novel stays firmly within John Sheppard’s point of view and is his story from start to finish. It may not be the John Sheppard that the reader is familiar with, but that follows his growth, through the changes that are wrought by his and his friends and colleagues’ experiences.

Obviously, this is a rec -- so no specific spoilery details (the link above takes you to the author’s info and then offers various formats by which you can choose to read this novel). This story for the reader that likes world building and depth and complexity. There’s ample space to think and fill in history for yourself to ponder what next?
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It’s hardly a secret that I like music vids – and why should it be a secret? I like music vids because they inspire me to write fic. I can’t make them, I don’t have the smarts.

I just watched “Us” created by the innovative Lim [music: Us by Regina Spektor]

lots of delicious imagery and storytelling. To me it was about fandom [Us – so to speak] and the fact the powers that be don’t really want us to do what we do – but to be frank they can’t stop us

Ultimately, it’s self defeating to cap creativity.

I have on occasion been accused of over thinking stuff.
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I’m not too sure how I missed this -- although the character death warning probably sent me off in the other direction, screaming over the hill to the next country.

But [ profile] lavvyan mentioned the body holographic and *crying* and -- what can I say -- I wandered over and...

this is an extremely well written story, builds a realistic world post-Earth, looks at different cultures interacting, broaches how people evolve over time, brings all these elements together into a coherent whole as Rodney progresses through life after spoiler deleted and the ending is both perfect and awful and I have sobbed, practically, throughout the whole thing.

so if you're feeling brave and you want to read a story which deserves a gold star:

the body holographic by Leah and [ profile] springwoof

but make sure that you've got tissues

..lots of tissues
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Heee heee perfect amalgam of SGA and discworld

R rating, vaguely slashy, Sheppard/McKay

High Stakes


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