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So I’m gearing up to try nana nah nah naaaa NaNoWriMo. They’re not going to be betaed because NaNoWriMo is about getting the words on paper, and editing later. If you want to read the v. short snippety fic you have been warned.

Cliffhanger – no idea if I’ll write more

Extinction Level Event. )
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Day 23 of Advent for [ profile] bluespirit_star

Rating: Gen
Word count: ~1, 400
Warning: none
Advisory: none
Comments: British English spelling
Spoilers: none
Beta: LKY, thank you

Dolmel. )
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Family History
By Sealie

SGA/Traders* crossover with Hawaii 5-0 crew and a guest from the Listener**.

Rating: PG-15/gennish

Genre: action/adventure, h/c.

Warning: mentions of slavery and behaviour therein e.g. treatment of humans as property.

Advisory: my standard potty mouth; murder; mayhem and criminal investigations plus too many adjectives. British English spelling.

Spoilers: set after the end of Stargate Atlantis and Traders. Vast and inclusive mention of events in the first season of the Listener** and Hawaii 5-0 with pure, happy speculation and indulgence of fantasy elements about how events of H 5-0 1:24 play out.

*Part of my SGA/Traders universe, but you should be able to read it without knowing that series. The important fact is that Grant Jansky (played by DH in the series Traders) is on Atlantis, as the Trust and NID wish to utilise his mathematical skills for nefarious purposes. Grant is autistic (although the diagnosis is not that concrete). He is Rodney McKay’s cousin.

**The Listener is a Canadian television series that, I believe, tanked in the US. Plot wise, for this story, no introduction is necessary.

Betas: Cindy Combs audienced this story throughout its writing and had many pertinent comments. Springwoof beta’d the first draft and pointed out many, many things. LKY and Susn had sight of draft two, their betaing was invaluable. Cindy Combs beta’d draft three. Thank you all.

This is the fic for [ profile] help_pakistan appeal for [ profile] raphe1. It only took me a year to write it. But I did say that I was a slow writer and promised +2000 words. The actual word count is:

Word count: +33, 000

Part One. )
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Fandom: SGA
Rating: gen…ish
Characters: team
Warnings: profanity, reference to things which I wouldn’t want to happen to anyone I know, taking the piss i.e. a bit of mocking. Not for sensitive souls.

Ritual, my ass. )
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[ profile] lavvyan is hosting a SGA Love Shack Meme

*points* it’s a great place to go over to -- you can read and play and share the SGA love.

I’ve posted pictures and also Comment fic \o/: )
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Fandom: SGA
Rating: gen/G
Characters: John and Rodney with Torren
Warnings: none necessary.

This is a wee, mini-fic, kindly beta’d by [ profile] tovalentin -- thank you.

And a thank you to my flistees.

Torren’s middle name is John. )
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Fandom: SGA
Rating: gen
Characters: Team
Warnings: language; cultural faux pas; ignorance and use of humour to throw light on but not detract from the importance of the topic.

Acknowledgements: I threw down the first draft and sent it off to [ profile] beth_green who has a rich background in cultural biodiversity. Subsequently, I wrestled with the story a little more and then roped in [ profile] klostes to beta, help me with the blocking and add another viewpoint. Two mates who have experience in human resources gave me their two pennyworths. And finally -- the icing on the cake -- [ profile] tovalentin went over the fic with a fine toothcomb and offered cogent advice.

All that being said: any errors and clangers are mine.

It is a matter of the Women of Athos.

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A very small tiny fic
Rating: gen
No spoilers
Warnings: deals with a tired and hurting John Sheppard.
Beta: lky gave it a quick looksee

Weary. )
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I wrote this for one of the sga flashfic challenges but I didn’t post it.
ETA: Thank you to springwoof who made very useful comments on the fic. I forgot to mention this late last night when I posted. Sorry.

Reversals. )
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Author: Sealie [ profile] jimandblair
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis/Traders xo [Atlantis: sur la mer segment]
Series spoilers: none
Beta: L’s help was invaluable. I have made changes in response to her edits. Any errors are solely mine… mine

Warning/story spoilers

Speech matters )
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I am ridiculously happy over the fact that I wrote fic. It’s been too long since I felt the urge. But today, during lunch, I was hit behind the knees by a giant plot bunny, fell, picked myself up and ran straight to the computer. My lunch time was spent very productively.

Thanks to [ profile] bluespirit_star for the beta and [ profile] losyark for answering the very important pudding question.

I now present a SGA/Traders future fic:
rating: G
spoilers: none

There was something in the air. )
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Rating: Sort of G
Type: Gen-ish… overtones...
Warnings: none that I can think of Warning: CRACKTASTIC CONTENT! RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

The title is a big fat juicy clue as to the content.

I’m totally blaming [ profile] teenygozer for this. It’s all her fault. She’s the evul enabler... without her this fic wouldn't exist. She did double B duties -- beta and brainstorming. All I was doing was telling her about the haunted hotel in the Netherlands and she made this happen:

Braaaaaains. )
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Episode tag: Outcast, therefore spoilers.
Beta: lky
Rating: gennish.

Thin as tissue paper. )
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Last part, finished, the end, no more, all done, complete – it’s a wrap [the joy of a thesaurus]

The edge of the bridge. )

Part One


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