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So my mam is watching a telly programme about brand new doctors learning the ropes in a busy Accident and Emergency unit (aka ER, for American listsibs).

She tells me all about it since my televisual habits largely revolve about sci-fi and horror rather than real life documentaries -- largely because I feel if I watch them a) my brain will rot and b) TPTB will stop making sci-fi and horror because they won’t be economically viable (I can count the real life sf/horror fans that I’ve met in my life on my fingers – yes, I am aware that that is a sad state of affairs, but in my experience we’re spread pretty wide).

Any rate, I’m going off topic.

Last week's exciting cliff-hanger with the baby doctorsTM was a gentleman who was brought into Emergency with a loo brush stuck up his bottom.

Last Monday, Mam speculated widely as to why a person would have a loo brush stuck up his bottom. What can I say, Slash is really educational. Was I going to tell my mam why a dude would stick a rod up his butt --- Nooooo.

Cue this weekend.

The baby doctors had been on telly again. The gentleman in question (face apparently obscured by a neat blurry mask) was being cared for by young doctor. Gentleman said that he was sitting on the side of the bath and he fell on the brush and it went all the way in. Mam recounted how baby doc didn’t know what to do, so she asked her mentor. An x-ray was taken and lo and behold the loo brush went right inside and there was a hook at the end! Mam held her hands apart to demonstrate the length and said that the brush end was poking out.

Why? Mam wondered, because she quite frankly she thought that his story was ‘fabricated.’ You have to feel sorry for this guy, but he must have agreed for his case to be televised….

I’m so spineless; I am so not having this discussion with my Mam. “Dunno,” says I.

As you may know from previous posts, my mam has my old computer and is loving the power of Google and wikipedia, especially for crosswords. She looked speculatively at the bright and shiny font of knowledge.

OMG, where would she end up if she googled: loo brush up bum? The mind boggles.

“Do not google it!” I ordered.

She cackled. I swear the woman is evil.
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A bit of random recipeness.

Today, I harvested my windowsill planter of spinach, basil and coriander (aka cilantro). And I was stumped about what to do with all these green leaves (green leaves don’t feature in my diet as much as they should).

Since I was stumped I had a look in my Veganomicon* and OMG I made the most delicious pesto-ey thingamabob ever. This is the way to eat green leaves. This is a little bit different to the one in the Veganomicon because I went with what I had to hand.

Dump into a bowl:
Two generous handfuls of spinach
One generous handful of basil
A twist and a half of coriander.
1/4 of a cup of Zaytoun organic olive oil
1/2 of a freshly squeezed lemon
1/2 teaspoon of salt.
And the secret ingredient – 1/3 cup of toasted, sliced almonds.

Macerate it with a blender or food processor.

I am so growing some more spinach, basil and coriander so I can eat this again.

*FYI Veganomicon:


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